Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pashmina Silk Shawl How Do You Care For An Authentic Pashmina?

How do you care for an authentic Pashmina? - pashmina silk shawl

My MIL went to Israel and Egypt last month and sent me a pashmina scarf and a shirt. Well, I know how to care for a shirt, but there is a special method to deal with a pashmina? The instructions are in Hebrew and Arabic. Obviously, raw silk or mixed cotton / polyester, because it is a "momentum" for them and act very, very short (3 ") band at each end. This is a layer (which has so it is a year round Pashmina) and six feet long X two meters wide. All the information you can give to their care would be appreciated (BTW I have a front loader washing machine with the "hand-washing and delictates pockets. Should I remove in a bag, and with light pressure from the hand wash and dry?)


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