Friday, December 25, 2009

Sheep Cheese Which Is Best To Raise And Milk (for Cheese): Goat Or Sheep?

Which is best to raise and milk (for cheese): goat or sheep? - sheep cheese

I thought about farming for a while. In addition to the fruit and vegetables, I would try my hand at making cheese and I personally like goat cheese and sheep. I've never raised livestock before, but I'm not afraid of challenges.

I wonder if a goat or a sheep would be better for a beginner like me. Are there more diseases and problems with each other when it comes to awareness raising, milking and making cheese from milk? I heard a lot of noise about the nutritional value of cheese from sheep's and I personally like the taste of feta cheese is a little better, but I will go with any of them (sheep or goat) is the easiest to work.

(Also for bonus points ... well not literally) that the game would be better for beginners? (I watched the Nigerian dwarf goats, and it looks very promising), but I have not heard of some breeds of sheep best suited for human beings. Thank you!


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