Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do U Need Reservations To Bonefish Grill Dinner For Two At Bonefish Grill For Under $100?

Dinner for two at Bonefish grill for under $100? - do u need reservations to bonefish grill

I've never been to the Bonefish Grill, but I have a reservation for my girlfriend and I found a little financial problem, but do not want to cancel. Can I use a good dinner for two for under $ 100, including entries and a few drinks?


Fisher_K... said...

Here is the menu ...

If ya'll do not drink, you will also.

Figure about $ 25 - $ 30 per person for lunch and $ 10 per person for drinks. (Note: It is very close to its limit of $ 100 tip!)

Only 1 glass per person.

I ate it twice, and is expensive. Perhaps lobster R. Cedar River influenced or shellfish in their place? (lol)

Red Lobster has a new "Grid" menu, and is pretty dang ......... well

Hope this helps ya bro?

Johnnyne... said...

Water to drink, just order a drink and try some of the filling. Drinks at home in advance.

Your menu should be online.
Also, remember to ask about the offers, but be careful, sometimes specials for more money, just special.

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