Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures From Large Labias How Do You Keep Your Browser From Freezing Up When Downloading Large Numbers Of Pictures?

How do you keep your browser from freezing up when downloading large numbers of pictures? - pictures from large labias

I have 2002 an iMac with 256 MB of RAM. I use Netscape and Internet Explorer.


Cboy said...

The first is that in some cases, Internet Explorer and Netscape manages not play well with others. You can, if they have a choice, choose one and uninstall the others. You can also try increasing the size of the Internet cache can, so this is the tools / options in the software. The latter possibility would be to increase the amount of memory your PC when you short of memory, you're in a cache memory, and unfortunately no luck. Cboy

justgeni... said...

Be sure to close all programs may not be executed. Another possibility would be to buy more RAM for your computer to process more applications and programs at once.

drukqs said...

* Use an iMac
* Use Netscape
* Do not use Internet Explorer

... thats really all the advice I can give here. try to a new computer and you use Firefox.

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