Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lakers Court For Cake Your 5 MVP Picks For This Year?

Your 5 MVP picks for this year? - lakers court for cake

I do not know if anyone ESPN, but closely follows a writer (Mark Stein said), his vote for MVP, Roy, MPI, etc. I ask myself what were my top 5, and they are here.

1. LBJ - the best record in the league, and the highest per, which is well and your year to get their wages,
2. D-Wade - Miami was 15 wins to 40 this year, with all its THX for this guy who knows a phenomenal year
3. Howard - is unknown, he will become the main (but not exclusively) on the business of magic is so good for both the defense and their presence in the suit may fly Treysa
4. CP3 - Hornets have dropped a bit this year, but the cause of the injury and Chris Paul is better than in the past (remember, he finished in second place in the vote last year) the league in steals and assists, leading prASO how dominant at both ends of the court (a bit biased, because the Hornets are my team, haha)
5. Kobe avoid - that those who shot the Lakers love ... not really my idea of MVP because the Lakers are so deep already, but I think it is the icing on the cake, put it in dispute in order to win everything

Feel free to send a top 5 of my choice, or to offend, I'm sure that someone still


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