Friday, February 19, 2010

What Would Happen If I Swallow A Straw I'm Not Sure If I Drank My Birth Control Pill Today Or Not. What Should I Do?

I'm not sure if I drank my birth control pill today or not. what should I do? - what would happen if i swallow a straw

My pill was in his mouth and drank a sip from the straw, I'm not sure I swallowed the pill or pushed through the straw. Drunk (after a bit. I can not remember, it happened so suddenly) opened my glass to see whether the pill was inside, but I could not see everything through in order to that he was drinking pop (dark) So, now I know not what to do. I do not know if I really took my pill, or if it in my glass. I drank more pop, but I doubt whether this is helpful not (I guess.) But, please, help me. What should I do?

Thank you very much.


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