Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cb Radio Range Cb Radio Range And Improvement?

Cb radio range and improvement? - cb radio range

I have a CB radio
Cobra 25 Ltd and a whip antenna K40
although I have not been thoroughly tested, I can not really, because when I have connected the antenna slightly PP goes against the entire amount until the last 30 + in the red zone
If I can be re-connected the antenna barley 1 / 2 mm to the point where if I can be considered to go to talk radio, back and forth, bob, but that's all.
even after the mess with all the settings are not always the same work

something is wrong with this or I need some kind of amplifier that is made between the antenna and the CB, is preserved. What do you recommend


Cecil n said...

It is a bad idea to key the microphone without connected antenna, and can cause serious damage to your CB. It seems that the radio is configured not to display SWRs transmitted power. Check the settings for control over the CB to be safe. Consult owner's manual or on the Internet at Cobra CB accurate information. They have a very good CB, but I'm not with the antenna. Linear amplifier, is sometimes called a "kicker", illegal and can cost you a fine. Under normal circumstances, should have the radius of 4.5 miles no problem. Good luck with it.

Doug W said...

Key to an antenna may have completed its final stage. If no one hears you bet it is grilled.

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