Saturday, January 9, 2010

Testamentary Trust Distribution Is The Distribution Of Cash From An Estate Or Trust Taxable?

Is the distribution of cash from an estate or trust taxable? - testamentary trust distribution

The descendants of the distribution of the trust estate is what is at stake.


DeeDee said...

If you are a child or grandchild, then most if not all, of the distribution are to be tax free. Every state is different, however, believe the limit fed to 2 million.

the tax lady said...

If the money paid into a bank account, interest rates, it may be something of interest income of the property. The property can pay the tax () the deduction of the distribution, or it can pass on the product for you.

patrick said...

The assets in the gross weight of the deceased person for purposes of federal property includable, but the heirs under a testamentary distribution.

Bibs said...

Asset allocation can be taxed as a state or inheritance taxes if the amount of $ 2,000,000. All distributable profits shall be taxable as income tax for natural persons.

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