Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plate Of Cookies Pedram Has Asked For A Debate On MSN, Which Barking Son Of Yazid Is Man Enough To Step Up To The Plate?

Pedram has asked for a debate on MSN, which barking son of Yazid is man enough to step up to the plate? - plate of cookies ...




السلام عليك يا ابا عبداللهelda said...

lol what, you're chicken. Sonya, but I'm sure could speed up the game Lesbo ... she wants to show what a woman;)

Anothers... said...

Pedram neither a point of view is that it keeps changing his views.First you need to take a position and then stand firmly. First he said that it is not Mohammad (SAW sallallaho alaihi) your imam, and he asked me to prove that the Koran is a magnet. Then he changed his mind and said yes, he is also a magnet.

He never answered my question I posted against him.

99 change even further.

~Ω☻Qinzy☺Ω~السلام عليك يا ابا said...

If you force an answer not so ...

And she does not no coward!

Frankly conclude a pact promising not to use it.

More is not the right time and are now very busy.

FITHNA agree with that!

J.K. - Live Like Imam Ali(as)... said...

Lol you can not even in the discussion go here if you just block all the questions so they do not manage to answer. I doubt they would be able to hold a discussion on MSN.

HAN said...


ali said...

Bring it on! bia / TCH

Edit: what we are discussing here? and my father is the type of Yazid I participate?.

Edit: NVM

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