Friday, January 8, 2010

Cranberry Juice Thrush How Common Is Thrush During Pregnancy?

How common is thrush during pregnancy? - cranberry juice thrush

I am 25 weeks pregnant and every time it burns to urinate. I went to the doc thinks it may be a urinary tract infection, but said it did not. He told me to do, sometimes envelopes URAL and cranberry juice. Help for burning, but it always comes back. I'm still not there yet itching could thrush?


cRaZy_Ch... said...

a challenge because their mothers make sure that you include your doctor or pharmacist and try to propose a thrush cream, which I prefer over the course of 3 days is but a pill! Good luck, and may be a comprehensive care!

angelz@p... said...

sounds like thrush to me, I have the same symptoms with my first child I was told to insert the cream thrush use of your Supposte 7 days, the tablet or during her pregnancy, she swollow it is the cream for 3-7 days and try still do not see your doctor because it is something serious.

I was told that hormone levels are due to orientation during pregnancy is very high and their system is down Amun

Rach had baby girl 3rd dec 9lb 2... said...

Ivery i spread, and that it was wrong just itch like crazy especially on a night with a long, compressed and inserted into the hand cream that I also received antibiotics

olia 24 said...

Yes, and you should drink plenty of water and leaving spicy food

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