Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Would It Be If A Ferret Is In Poptropica Would It Be Weird If I Dated A Bi Guy? Would You?

Would it be weird if i dated a bi guy? would you? - how would it be if a ferret is in poptropica

Okay, so ... Recently I've been watching this guy in my class, which is very nice. I'm hott my friend now, as he had said on the lookout for today, and it (a friend of the boy) that he was bisexual and she told him. Now I'm confused, because I'm not sure if I date him or not, now that I know of. Since I have nothing against gay / bis, lesbians / transgender etc, I do not know if I were a man know that he loves children were able to date ... if that makes sense. My question is: 1) would u date a guy who is bisexual, and 2) What should I do with this man? ps. I do not know if it does not even know how girls at all, how can I find ...


вяιттanʏ... said...

I would not be a man who is bisexual. I have nothing against gay / bis, lesbians, transgender / etc, but do not think I can go out with him, knowing he likes the other boys. And I do not know can really make sense either, you may prefer boys or girls, are more numerous.
"If this is bisexual does not bother you, you should try to go out with him. You never know until you try.

Alex said...

The only way to know if you girls are learning how real progress at all familiar with the guys and then. Or they will pursue a friendship with him, or a relationship. It's a win-win situation.

With BI, as opposed to women if a man is twice as high as homosexuals. You can of course still is the guy, but if you then trios for what they want to be that you are prepared to get comfortable. If bi is the cake will not be enough to curb the appetite.

Akefia said...

she loves bisexual men are more often than girls and vice versa, but still loves the girl. i with a man who is bi and we understand each other well, but then I learned that I get more into the boy and then was gay, but to be honest, I have further information you can see by your partner what "you loves sex, so that their children are with him ... please.

iFly4eva said...

1 - No, never date a bisexual man ... I think he is bisexual, lesbians, gays / transsexuals very repulsive and disgusting and just wrong! (Sodom and Gomorrah, anyone?) In any case, it is not normal.
2 - I think it should be just friends with him, I suppose if you want, do what you want.
Well, if bi, duh, so you like girls, if you hate gay boys, then this is a ... when she said it twice, then he is bi.

Jessi said...

Now do not go out with a guy twice, I'm not walkin 'down the street and see Guy hot, take back for a double room and my husband go to their Double Take! This would be a little strange! But talk to the guys, that's all you can do it! become better friends with him and ask him about this, which is used prolly asked about it! So do not worry

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