Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harry Potter Necktie Are There Any Harry Potter Picture Books Available?

Are there any Harry Potter picture books available? - harry potter necktie

I intend to read the first Harry Potter book to my son 6 years. He is skeptical, because there is no picture. I thought I would be a picture or a sample of Harry Potter type "encyclopedia" or instructions to look whiile I read the book. But I can not find it. Does anyone have any suggestions?


redunico... said...

I have some Coloring pages of Harry Potter. You can read the book from him, while he paints.

jen said...

sorry to say that IM, but I fear they will not do, because Harry Potter is in youth and that is why we have limited pictures!

Josh F said...

One of the main reasons that is not formally image pounds, that much of the content is designed to drive, inspire a little older and reading, children first. May I suggest you buy rent show / movies and clips that we have read might work (environment, too)

NYinFL said...

I know of no book like this. All I know is trying to do is and propose to the fan art. There are tons of pictures there. You can choose the ones you like and print. Good luck.

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