Friday, January 29, 2010

Hardy Wood Stoves What Is Stronger And Whether Resistant Hardy Wood Or Brick?

What is stronger and whether resistant hardy wood or brick? - hardy wood stoves

Brick is stronger and so tough. People choose a sturdy table as a cheaper alternative for the protection of the same. It is also flame retardant as the brick, that a good material to have to build a house. It may look like wood, but it has some of the stones are of high quality and none of the properties of wood (termites, wood rot, etc.) It is easy to clean.


xenon said...

Obviously, bricks have masonry stood since Roman times and beyond .. Although the bricks absorb water, evaporated to the water. It has been said that it is healthier to live in a brick building.

Jeff with a J said...

Hey Genius


million$... said...

if someone put thumbs down, the truth is in the stones are stronger and more sustainable course. There are brick structures around the world, including Europe and even China and North America, the centuries old and still going strong. Imagine all the storms rose up against! Brick has a force (of about 10,000 pounds per square inch compressive force have some more, some less) and better against strong winds, without leverage, which could leave the wood together, and protect against wind-driven objects during a hurricane or tornadoes or car drivers in control of his vehicle, lost or stray bullets.
With an appropriate design for the climate and the type of stones used stones will last forever.

In addition, the brick is never leach chemicals such as arsenic, copper-treated wood, as some are doing, and the durability of the bricks will be the same after a very long time, unlike hardwood in living below the original mandate. The stones do not require maintenance or Coating all better off if they no longer breathable. The bricks also increased protection against noise! and brick, you have ignited an obstacle when it burns in the area. The stones can be your home and your life.

ello said...

by brick?

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